Domain Camp Reflections

The next steps in Domain Camp have been a challenge. The main activity was to create a landing page. In the activity it was described as a calling card. If you made it to this blog it is possible that you came via my landing page. If you did not come via my landing page then have a look at

Technical Things I am Learning

Picture of two monitors and a cell phone
Photo by Farzad Nazifi on Unsplash

The activities I have learned to do in Week 2 and Week 3 are:

  • Set up a domain
  • Upload a WordPress Blog
  • Create subdomains
  • Create a Landing Page
  • Create a SPLOT – there is some ambiguity about what that actually is. My perception is it is a place to create collections.
  • Create an email and forward to another email

I am still unsure if I am completely happy with my Landing Page. A few times as I see other camper’s landing pages I wish I had chosen differently. At the same time, setting up the landing page was challenging and required assistance from my counsellor so I am reluctant to start the process again. I want to keep up with the other campers.

What I am Learning about Myself as Learner

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Aside from all the cool technical things I am learning about setting up a domain I am learning lots of things about myself as a learner. I am being reminded of how challenging it can be learn something new, feel like a newbie, and to be uncertain that I am making the correct decisions. These are lessons that I will remember in September when I am back in the classroom.

Examples that I can Relate to with My Students

I was given feedback (from my counsellor) that I read and could have helped with next activities. However, by the time I got back to the activities, I had forgotten what the feedback said. So, I asked the question again. I can tell you that often when students ask me questions I wonder have they read my feedback? My experience with this activity reminds me that sometimes students will get stuck in the process and may forget the answers are in the feedback. I need to be as patient as Counsellor Alan has been with me.

I perceive that at every step in the instructions I have to do things multiple times. This is time consuming and so when I see that another camper has done something cool with their domain as much as I would like to try again, I have to consider how much time I want to invest. My other thought is… I do not want anyone to think I am copying (plagiarizing) their work.

Upon reflection, I wonder that (on occasion) when my students plagiarize a co-student’s work (through acts like sharing files) what is their motivation? Is it a lack of time, or wanting to produce something better, and are they emulating what a co-student has done? I must remember to build in opportunities for students to learn from each other as well as produce their own versions.