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You may be wondering what domain camp, teaching and tea have in common. This is week two of domain camp. I am learning to build a domain of my own. I am a straight-up newbie when it comes to building a domain.

Every summer I like learn something new and that I find challenging. This is a way to remember what it is like to be a newbie. It is important to remain empathetic to my learners by remembering what it is like to learn something new.

Week one at camp I succeeded in feeling like a newbie. I managed to freeze up my domain on day one. I was wondering if this was over my head. I am sure my students feel the same way in the first few weeks of school. However, Alan Levine and Terry Greene are awesome camp counsellors and so with their support and the newbies corner at reclaim hosting I was back on track.

An interesting thing occurred when I asked a question at the newbies corner. I was introduced to discobot. We had a few exchanges, I was engaged in learning how to use the discussion board effectively, and then I was given a giph and a participation certificate. This gaming tool was interactive, fun, and before I knew it I wanted to learn more. A lesson I will take to the classroom. When people are feeling overwhelmed interject something fun!

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2 thoughts on “What Is Domain Camp ?

  1. You are doing well in camp! Look at this new blog. Am going to respond to your questions left in the bank as you might not see the responses there…

    (We are getting into WordPress details in the second half of Domain Camp)

    * How can I choose extra themes? I only had three options

    Those 3 are just the ones installed- Click “Add New” to look at ones you can install directly.

    * How can I add in a giph? This was not an option in the blocks and the link would not embed. It currently shows as a URL.

    The link you want to use is the one that displays the giphy page for this gif, not the link to the media itself. Try https://giphy.com/gifs/vhs-tumblr-featured-positive-5gVXyfRqdAyu4

    It should work in a normal editing block, paste the URL and press return

    * How do people access this from my landing page?
    This week we will show you how to build a better landing page that is easier to edit.

    * I may want to consider building a subdomain for all my eCampus Ontario activites with subcategories like domain camp and mOOC.
    A good plan for your land!

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